How to Create a Drop-Down List

Here's how to create a drop-down list:

1.Type the list of valid entries in a single column. If you like, you can hide this column (select Format, Column, Hide).
2.Select the cell or cells that will display the list of entries.( In this case i have selected the whole column "A".)
3.Choose Data, Data Validation, and select the Settings tab.
4.From the Allow drop-down list, select "List".
5.In the Source box, enter a range address or a reference to the items that you entered in step 1.
6.Make sure the 'In-cell dropdown' box is selected.
7.Click OK.

If your list is short, you can skip step 1 and type the list entries directly in the Source box in step 5, separating items with a comma.

The Data Validation dialog box has two other tabs( shown in the above image). Click Input Message to add a prompt that will appear when a user selects a cell. Click Error Alert to specify a custom error message if the user's entry is invalid.

The data validation feature suffers from one serious flaw. If you paste an entry into a cell that uses data validation, the validation isn't performed. And if you select that cell again, the drop-down list no longer appears. So it is always advisable to protect the worksheet: Select Tools, Protection, Protect Sheet.

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