Protecting formulas from being over written


To protect your formulas from being overwritten or modified perform the following steps :

1. Select the cells that may be overwritten.
2. Right-click and choose Format Cells from the shortcut menu as shown in Image 1.
Image 1

3. In the Format Cells dialog box, click the Protection tab.
4. In the Protection tab, clear the Locked check box as shown in the Image 2.
Image 2

5. Click OK to close the Format Cells dialog box.
6. Choose Review➜Changes➜Protect Sheet to display the Protect Sheet dialog box, as
shown in Image 3.
Image 3
7. In the Protect Sheet dialog box, select the options that correspond to the actions to
allow, specify a password if desired, and then click OK.
8. Make a list of the passwords. Once the password is lost the worksheet can never be edited.
9.While unprotecting the sheet, it will ask for the password as shown in Image 4.
Image 4
( Click on the Image to enlarge it.)

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